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And now for something completely different…

Beer and Gluesticks was an experiment, and it didn’t go so hot.

beer and gluesticks is no more

See, this was supposed to be my second blog, one not tied to my beloved city of St. Louis. That was a mistake. I love blogging about my hometown and all the fun things to do there…so what if my blog gets a little cluttered with art projects and Minecraft? I’ve found that it’s just not easy to maintain two blogs AND actually talk to your family.

So I’m shutting down Beer & Gluesticks.

I still kinda like the name, and my hosting service says the two blogs are kinda tangled together anyway. I’ve deleted the content here and I’m kindly asking you to head over to my original blog if you’d like to learn about Minecraft projects in real life or the other goofy things we’re doing this summer.


Thanks for your time!